Scandinavian style and simplicity

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The model is light enough for everyday use and to be combined with business wear. It does not attract too much attention, but gives a touch of spectacular gaze. This model is perfect for first-time magnetic eyelashers. Helsinki delights with its light airiness.
The length of this model is (2.8cm, 7-11mm in length). Attached with three small magnets in the center of the eye and in the outer and inner corners. Beautiful and natural. Package contains two pieces of spare magnet.

MORE INFORMATION Reusable several dozen times when properly maintained. Fully adhering without eyelash glue or other adhesives, they are ideal for people with an allergy to glue and sensitive eyes. The magnets attach to each other, keeping the lashes in place. We recommend applying the mascara before applying the lashes to ensure that the lashes remain firmly in place. 4Beauty Finland lashes are made from high quality synthetic silk and are incredibly natural, safe and easy to use.

CHANGE AND RETURN NOTE! For hygienic reasons, magnetic lashes (opened packaging) cannot be returned. If you are unsure about the product, consult our dealer.