Your choise number one for high quality, safe and perfect eyelashes for your eyes

Our 4Beauty Finland eyelash collection is the result of long Finnish design and testing based primarily on the wishes and needs of our customers. Our entire eyelash collection is designed to match the shape of the Scandinavian eye, keeping in mind the length and volume of the lashes - not to mention the high quality, safety and elegance. 4Beauty Magnetic Eyelashes make your eyes look brighter, more open and youthful.

Only a few times after training, you will find that our magnetic eyelashes are quick and easy to attach to your own eyelashes and make your eyelashes look radiant and shiny. In use, the lashes are very comfortable, soft and feather-light. Made of the highest quality Korean synthetic silk.

Attraction without allergenic adhesives!

Our products attach to your own lashes in seconds and stay on track with rain, wind and snow. Our magnetic eyelashes are also a great alternative for many sports enthusiasts. The attachment is done underneath the lashes with three small 3mm magnetic pieces, which allow very precise and discreet attachment. Despite their small size, magnets are very strong. The magnets are placed in the outer and inner corners of the eye as well as in the center with three small sub-magnets. These eyelash models also come with two spare magnet pieces in each lash box.

For shorter (so-called. Models the side of the eye) fastening takes place by means of two opposite ripsiliuskan. Each package will thus have two pairs of eyelashes that will be attached to and below your own upper lashes so that your own lashes are trapped. The eyelash has two small magnets at each end.  

Our magnetic eyelashes are safe and chemical free - they do not contain nickel or cobalt. Eyelashes are vegan and "cruelty free". They are the preferred choice for sensitive eyelash users and eyelash extensions users at the end of the maintenance period or during a break. And best of all, you don't need a professional to install, but when you buy a pair of eyelashes, a professional salesperson will instruct you to install and maintain the lashes yourself, if necessary.